Meet our founders


Morgan & Daniel Sprechman

Are the heart and soul of Benevolent Bubbles. They passionately want to destroy the social stigma of mental illnesses. Morgan and Daniel have personally gone through the fight for happiness and wish to inspire those who struggle silently to reach for hope and know they’re not alone.

How Benevolent Bubbles came to life…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who struggled immensely with her mental health. Mostly, she felt paralyzed with fear and developed a loathing to carry on with her life. On one rare good day she returned to the source of what made her happy long ago.  She stumbled back on her bike and didn’t stop there.  She dreamt up the idea to bungee a battery operated bubble machine onto her bike rack, filled up her nicest water bottles with bubble solution, strapped a Bluetooth speaker to the front handlebar, and pedaled. Her husband, her rock, joined as she rode along the Baltimore Harbor. It was the first time she had shown her face to the sunshine in months.  They were overwhelmed with the positive responses from those they passed.  People, and even police, cheered as they rode by.  Some even shouted out how they made their day or how awesome they thought it was.  Children popped the bubbles and scowling businessmen and women were forced to smile.  The rest was history.

Since her first bubble ride, she has gone on dozens of rides all over the Baltimore area.  She now wears a shirt that reads, “We ride for depression awareness” on the back, with the hope of spreading joy and awareness to everyone. 

If I can improve the life of one person, then I consider my efforts a success.
— Morgan Sprechman