Supplies You May Want

All gear is optional and not mandatory to have in order to attend a Bubble Cruise. You can either install the bubble items yourself or bring them to the event and have our volunteers assist you.

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Bubble Machine

These are the bubble machines you will find our bubble volunteers using. There are two speed settings for perfect Bubbles along our cruise. On average they produce more than 1500 bubbles every minute! 12.8oz capacity and 2-hour Continuous use. You will need 6 C Batteries for use.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.21.32 AM.png

Bicycle Rack

Rear rack mounts easily to seat post is a lightweight compact design for easy transport. This rack is a strong alloy construction carrying up to 20lb loads. There are also side rails, ideal for mounting pannier bags and extra tie down points for a secure load.

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Bungee Cords

These bungees have great performance under extreme weather conditions such as UV, hot and cold temperature variations, water, and even performs when exposed to bubble solution and bicycle grease. We recommend these cords to best mount bubble machines on racks. They won’t slip, break, crack or become brittle - They retain their color and stretch.